QM2 - Cap san Diego - Sheildhall - Rotterdam(V)

~~ Queen Mary 2 (2004) ~~~~~~~~~~ Cap San Diego (1961) ~~~~~~~~ ss Sheildhall (1955) ~~~~~~~~~~~ Rotterdam V (1959) ~~

MN Pelican - RFA Tideforce - MOL Triumph - Red Kestrel

~~ MN Pelican (1999) ~~~~~~~~~~~~ RFA Tideforce (2017) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOL Triumph (2017) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Red Kestrel (2019) ~~

Kwik Kwiz April 2020 SD
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Kwik Kwiz May 2020 SD
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~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for August 2021 ~ 1of2 ~ ~ Golden Horizon ~ Weymouth Bay anchorage 

When she arrived off the Dorset coast in late June, Golden Horizon became the subject of photos, chatter and even national newspaper articles. Having chosen Portland & Weymouth Bay to undertake final preparations before embarking her first ever paying cruise passengers - and as British Coastal cruising becomes the big staycation / seacation of 2021 - its an ideal time to feature two of Ian Haskell’s impressive pictures taken in June.  

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for August 2021 ~ 2of2 ~ ~ Golden Horizon ~ at anchor in Weymouth Bay 

Tradewind Voyages claim their new-build Golden Horizon is the world’s largest square-rigged sailing vessel. Furthermore, she has been designed as a near replica of the 1913-built "France II". The new steel-hulled five-masted barque rigged tall ship was originally ordered by Star Clippers from the Brodosplit Shipyard in Croatia, but following a dispute was completed by the yard and chartered to Tradewind Voyages. The ship was originally launched in 2017 to commence fitting-out, but will only enter service in 2021.  With a Gross Tonnage of 8,770 … length of 162m and beam of 18.5m … she is capable of carrying up to 330 passengers plus a crew of 140. Her 5 masted rig can deploy 42 sails giving a total sail area of over 6,300 square metres.