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QM2 - Cap san Diego - Sheildhall - Rotterdam(V)

~~ Queen Mary 2 (2004) ~~~~~~~~~~ Cap San Diego (1961) ~~~~~~~~ ss Sheildhall (1955) ~~~~~~~~~~~ Rotterdam V (1959) ~~

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2.30pm, Dec. 12th 2020 ~ with Bill Mayes ~ 2019 highlights ... 17 cruises & a few ferries

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MN Pelican - RFA Tideforce - MOL Triumph - Red Kestrel

~~ MN Pelican (1999) ~~~~~~~~~~~~ RFA Tideforce (2017) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOL Triumph (2017) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Red Kestrel (2019) ~~

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~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for November 2020 ~ 1of2 ~ ~ Two Marellas with a Britannia ~ Weymouth Bay

For much of the summer, three of TUI’s Marella Cruises fleet were anchored together off the Dorset coast. In our first image Marella Discovery and Marella Explorer occupy the foreground with P&O’s Britannia (GT143,730/Y2015) and Portland Port forming a backdrop. On the left, Marella Discovery (GT69,130/Y1996) built by Chantiers de l’Atlantique, Saint Nazaire for RCI Cruises as Splendour of the Seas, transferring to TUI in 2016. On the right, Marella Explorer (GT76,552/Y1996) built by Meyer Werft, Papenburg for Celebrity Cruises as Galaxy, transferring to TUI in 2009 and joining the Marella fleet in 2018. As the autumn unfolds this pair continue to grace our shores.

Images of the Month for November 2020 ~ 2of2 ~ ~ Three Marellas with a Queen ~ Weymouth Bay

Three of the Marella fleet are dwarfed, in this second image, by Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 (GT149,215/Y2004), all at anchor in Weymouth Bay earlier this summer before “Explorer 2” moved to layover in Holland. On the left, Marella Explorer 2 (GT71,545/Y1995) built by Meyer Werft, Papenburg for Celebrity Cruises as Century. Confusingly Century (Marella Explorer 2), was built as the lead ship of the Century Class and the later Galaxy (Marella Explorer) is 12m longer. Tucked under QM2’s port quarter is “Discovery” and ahead of QM2 is “Explorer” against the Isle of Portland background. That just begs the question, where is “Discovery 2”, fourth ship of the quartet? Most of the summer and now into the autumn Marella Discovery 2 is laid up in Zadar, Croatia.

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