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Welcome to the 2020s incarnation of WSS Dorset Branch in the form of the ~SHIPS~DORSET~ website. 34 years after our first registered meeting we are making a determined effort to engage with current technology!

The World Ship Society got off the ground in the nineteen fifties … records for the Dorset Branch go back to 1986 … on a few occasions in its history numbers at meetings have been over 40 … in recent years somewhat lower.

This has led to a membership drive engaging social media, video conferencing and the ~SHIPS~DORSET~ website to promote the branch and attract new members.


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Talks & Meetings on Ocean Liners, Cargo Ships, Ferries, Mariner's Memoirs, Paddle Steamers, Cruise Ships, Naval History, Ship Design, Maritime Memories and much more ~ enjoyed by ships & shipping enthusiasts ~ a community with common interests 

Branch News 

For many years the Dorset Branch of the World Ship Society has held meetings monthly on the second Saturday afternoon of the month between September and May. Meetings have been held at a Community Centre in East Dorset ~ 2.15 pm for a 2.30 pm start. These nine meetings per year have been widely acknowledged as informative and well presented, attracting popular and respected speakers from the national ships, shipping and maritime history scene. 

CHANGED TIMES ~ updated for September 2021 ~ Whilst the pandemic limited our activities to Zoom, community centres are now re-opening and some speakers & members are ready to meet. In reacting to the situation, the branch committee decided to trial "hybrid" meetings which will combine our face-to-face meeting at a community centre in East Dorset with continued transmission over Zoom. Please get in touch for the latest face-to-face meeting arrangements. Visitors to our branch have always been very welcome ~ any ships and shipping enthusiasts are invited to join our Zoom events. Your first invitation links to our Zoom events & meeting venue come with no obligation and we hope you enjoy the afternoon. Ongoing participants are encoraged to become Branch Members. Rather than publish a programme of meetings our EVENTS page will be regularly updated. Please consider getting in contact ~ we would be pleased to send you a guest invitation to view, listen & join-in your first event.


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