About Us

Welcome to the 2020s incarnation of WSS Dorset Branch in the form of the ~SHIPS~DORSET~ website. 35 years after our first registered meeting we are making a determined effort to engage with current technology!

The World Ship Society got off the ground in the nineteen fifties … records for the Dorset Branch go back to 1986 … on a few occasions in its history numbers at meetings had been over 40 … in recent years they had been somewhat lower. Hybrid meetings mean we are seeing strong attendance numbers again. 

Promotional activity engaging social media, video conferencing and the ~SHIPS~DORSET~ website is being used to promote the branch and attract new supporters. 


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Talks & Meetings on Ocean Liners, Cargo Ships, Ferries, Mariner's Memoirs, Paddle Steamers, Cruise Ships, Naval History, Ship Design, Maritime Memories and much more ~ enjoyed by ships & shipping enthusiasts ~ a community with common interests 

Branch News 

The Dorset Branch of the World Ship Society meets on the second Saturday afternoon of the month between September and May at The Centre - Ferndown in East Dorset (Barns Road, Ferndown, BH22 8XH), 2.15pm for a 2.30pm start. All meetings are now “hybrid” sharing our Dorset venue event with a wider member community via Zoom and giving local members the choice between getting together or enjoying the meeting at home. 

Our nine meetings per year have been widely acknowledged as informative and well presented, attracting popular and respected speakers from the local, national and international ships, shipping and maritime history scene. Visitors to our branch are always welcome ~ in person or via Zoom ~ please get in touch. Initial invitations come with no obligation and we hope you enjoy the afternoon. Ongoing participants are encouraged to donate ~ all we ask is £20 for a year. 

For details of our future events programme please see www.shipsdorset.org/events … and do contact us. Hybrid meetings now allow us to welcome you wherever you are in the world! Email us via info@shipsdorset.org or to find out more see www.shipsdorset.org  


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The Dorset Branch of the World Ship Society is a community interest group enabling like-minded enthusiasts to meet and host speakers on ships, shipping and maritime history topics. The branch is an unincorporated not for profit club akin to an unregistered charity. Funds to cover legitimate branch running costs are raised by attracting donations from branch members, often referred to as annual subscription. To oversee the running of the branch and responsible management of club funds a committee includes a chairperson, secretary and treasurer. The branch also operates as Ships Dorset to promote our activity via social media and website.