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~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for January 2022 ~ 1of2 ~ ~ Iona ~ Weymouth Bay at anchor in August 2021 

In September 2016, Carnival ordered a 5,200 passenger LNG fuelled vessel for P&O from Meyer Werft for May 2020 service. The global pandemic intervened in March 2020 and the ship was eventually delivered in October 2020, however, the christening as Iona didn’t take place until May 2021. During May, June and July Iona was often seen anchored off the Dorset coast awaiting the day she could welcome her first passengers. She eventually undertook her maiden voyage with paying customers on August 7th 2021, but not before she called into Weymouth Bay on a “shakedown” cruise in early August with “test passengers”. Portland photographer Paul Dallaway was out on the water to capture these images of her call.

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for January 2022 ~ 2of2 ~ ~ Iona ~ Weymouth Bay at anchor in August 2021

Iona is one of Carnival Corporation's “Excellence” class cruise ships - built by Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany - and delivered in October 2020 to become the new flagship of P&O Cruises - the largest to ever operate for P&O or any UK based cruise company.

Key Dimensions of Iona … Gross Tonnage = 184,089 … Length = 344m … Beam = 42m … Draft = 12m … 16 complete decks (3 partial) … Total Installed Power = 62 MW … Service speed = 17 knots … Capacity for 5,206 passengers and 1,762 crew.

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for February 2022 ~ 1of2 ~ ~ Commodore Goodwill ~ Departing Poole in January 

Did you think about a Christmas & New Year break away somewhere? Commodore Goodwill did. The Portsmouth-based ship spent brief layovers at Poole where photographer Darryl Morrell captured great views from sea level and from above whilst the ship was “on holiday” in Dorset. 
In 1994 Commodore Shipping ordered two Ro-Ro Ferries from Dutch builders. One of the sisters was named Commodore Goodwill, launched November 1995 and entered service in March 1996 on the Portsmouth-Channel Islands route. Commodore Goodwill initially ran alongside her sister-ship, then from 1999 in tandem with Ro-Pax fleetmate Commodore Clipper (similar size & cargo capacity, but also able to carry 500 passengers). Ownership of Commodore Goodwill transferred to Condor Ferries in 2012 and by 2016 the ship sported new scrubbers to comply with legislation plus the latest Condor Ferries livery. Weekend freight-only sailings to Saint-Malo by Commodore Goodwill also enable the carrying of French goods to the Channel Islands.

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for February 2022 ~ 2of2 ~ ~ Commodore Goodwill ~ Alongside at Poole in January

Commodore Goodwill  was built at the shipyard of Koninklijke Schelde Groep BV at Vlissingen in the Netherlands. With 1,250 lane metres available on Commodore Goodwill, the ship has freight capacity for 90 x 12m trailers. There is also accommodation for 12 freight drivers in 4 single and 4 double ensuite cabins. 

Key Dimensions for Commodore Goodwill … Gross Tonnage = 11,170 … Length = 126m … Beam = 21m … Draft = 4.5m … Service speed = 17 knots

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for March 2022 ~ 1of2 ~ ~ Kmarin Emerald ~ Weymouth Bay in February 

Liquified Natural Gas tanker Kmarin Emerald arrived off Dorset shores on 27th January after discharging its LNG cargo at the Isle of Grain terminal in the Thames Estuary. She anchored in Weymouth Bay on the 29th where she remained until heading south on 8th February. Kmarin Emerald  has starred in the Dorset Echo, The Daily Star and The Sun … all down to local photographer Steve Belasco who we have to thank for these super images. Admittedly her fame was due to Steve capturing dolphins playing around the ship! She was built in 2007 as British Emerald (first ship in the four vessel “Gem” Class) - by Hyundai Heavy Industries at their Ulsan shipyard in South Korea. The ship sailed from Freeport, Maine, USA on 10th January and was just one of the consignments making up a record month for UK LNG imports.

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for March 2022 ~ 2of2 ~ ~ Kmarin Emerald ~ Weymouth Bay in February 

British Emerald was renamed Kmarin Emerald in 2020, but remains owned and operated by BP Shipping based and registered in the Isle of Man. 

Key Dimensions for Kmarin Emerald … Gross Tonnage = 102,064 … Length = 288m … Breadth = 44m … Loaded Draft = 9.5m … Service Speed = 16 knots … 

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for April 2022 ~ 1of2 ~ ~ Eemslift Hendrika ~ Outbound, Poole Harbour - March 2022 

Eemslift Hendrika was outbound to Malaga on March 15th 2022 when Kev Mitchell captured this image. Earlier in the day Kev photographed the ship working cargo (below). 

Eemslift Hendrika is a multipurpose heavy lift ship, owned by the Dutch shipping company Amasus Shipping. Built as No.123 for the Central Industry Group at the Partner Stocznia shipyard, West Pomerania in Poland. The ship entered service in June 2015 named "Abis Esbjerg". Following the bankruptcy of ABIS Shipping in 2016, the ship was sold to Amasus Shipping of Delfzijl, Groningen and the renamed Eemslift Hendrika now specialising in transporting yachts, boats & smaller ships - a frequent caller at Poole.

Key Dimensions for Eemslift Hendrika … Gross Tonnage = 5,460 … Length = 111m … Breadth = 17m … In service since 2015 … 

In April 2021, the ship was abandoned in the North Sea! The story of that incident is outlined below. 

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for April 2022 ~ 2of2 ~ ~ Eemslift Hendrika ~ South Quay, Poole - March 2022 

On a voyage from Bremerhaven, Germany to Kolvereid in Norway, Eemslift Hendrika sent out an emergency call on 5 April 2021 at 10a.m. Due to the heavy swell, the loaded boats shifted and the ship was at risk of capsizing. Next day the ship was abandoned in the North Sea 60 nautical miles west of Ålesund, Norway, after cargo shifted further and the list increased in the gale. The twelve crew members were evacuated to Ålesund Airport on the island of Vigra by SAR helicopters. One person was injured and taken to hospital. One of the boats it was carrying came loose and was also adrift.

Eemslift Hendrika was drifting around ten nautical miles from the coast. The Norwegian Coastal Administration estimated it could drift onto land within eight hours. A Smit International salvage team secured the ship on 8 April 2021 using two tugs. The ship was then towed to Ålesund via Breisundet conserving 350 tons of heavy fuel oil, 50 tons of diesel fuel, the remaining cargo and the ship! Good to see her back in Poole - "shipshape & Bristol fashion".

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for May 2022 ~ 1of2 ~ ~ Barfleur ~ Welcome home! - April 2022  

After more than 2 years away, Barfleur departs Poole bound for Cherbourg on 13th April 2022. These super images were taken by George Holland. After George posted a great series of pictures on our Ships Dorset Facebook group (take a look at the full series!) - I've selected these port bow and port quarter shots to show-off our "local girl". Towards the end of March 2019 Covid struck and most of the Brittany Ferries fleet were sent to lay-up. Barfleur was laid up in the Calix Basin along the Caen Canal. She was reactivated in February this year, to operate freight-only on the Portsmouth-Ouistreham route covering for refits of BF fleet-mates. It's great to see her back on her "home" route!

Key Dimensions for Barfleur … Gross Tonnage = 20,133 … Length = 158m … Beam 23m … Service Speed = 19 Knots … Passenger capacity = 1,200 … Cars = 590 … Cabins = 72 … Reserved Seats = 295 … Crew = 92 … In Service 1992  … 

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for May 2022 ~ 2of2 ~ ~ Barfleur ~ 30 years on - April 2022  

On 4th April 1992, Truckline Ferries' new ferry entered Poole Harbour following the five mile-long deep water channel dredged and re-routed especially to accommodate Barfleur's record size. I've "borrowed" some of Kev Mitchell's Ships Dorset Facebook commentary welcoming Barfleur back. Once the largest ship in the Brittany Ferries fleet in terms of freight capacity, she was the first purpose built for double-deck loading with a full ship turnaround achievable in just 75 minutes. She was delivered in the colours of Truckline Ferries - Brittany Ferries' origjnal 'economie' service. But she was anything but an 'economie' ferry with capacity for up to 1,200 passengers and 590 cars, a self-service cafeteria as well as an a la carte restaurant, bar and shopping. By 2010 falling demand lead to Barfleur being laid up for a year. After a further year back in service, in 2012 she was chartered to DFDS as Deal Seaways, and the future of the Poole-Cherbourg operation looked bleak. Thankfully though, normal service was resumed in 2013. Two years later exhaust scrubbers were fitted, and it is fortunate that this remodelling of the twin funnels did not spoil Barfleur's elegant lines. 

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for June 2022 ~ 1of2 ~ ~ Deutschland ~ at South Quay, Port of Poole - April 2022  

Following our disappointment in 2021 that Deutschland’s entire summer schedule was cancelled, denying us her planned visit to Poole … it was great to see the excitement that accompanied the Phoenix Reisen’s cruise ship call at Poole on 26th April 2022. The long-awaited return of Barfleur "stole" our May feature slot, but the Deutschland's visit deserves recognition. Local photographers including Kev Mitchell, Don Williams, Ray Sexton and others captured great shots of the visit … many shared via ~Ships~Dorset~ and Poole Maritime Trust facebook groups. Always seeking to view as much “ship” as possible, your webmaster has featured two of Darryl Morrell’s super photographs this month … thanks Darryl. Our first view off the Port Bow shows her alongside Port of Poole’s purpose-built cruise ship berth at South Quay … our second view from aloft on the Starboard Beam sees Deutschland in the Swash Channel seaward-bound.

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for June 2022 ~ 2of2 ~ ~ Deutschland ~ departing Poole Harbour - April 2022  

MS Deutschland is a cruise ship launched in 1998 - owned and operated by Peter Deilmann Cruises until 2015. Built by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft at the German shipbuilder’s Kiel yard, she is decorated in a 1920s style reflective of Norddeutscher LloydWith new owners in 2015 the ship has been alternating between two roles. For part of the year (September to April) the ship travels as World Odyssey transporting "Semester at Sea" students; and for the other part of the year she is chartered to German cruise company Phoenix Reisen, sailing under its traditional MS Deutschland name. One name for winter - another for summer. During the 2020/21 pandemic, the ship was laid-up in a basin at the port of Caen - not far from our “local ferry” Barfleur. 

Key Dimensions for Deutschland … Gross Tonnage = 22,496 … Length = 175m … Beam 23m … Draft = 5.8m … Service Speed = 18 Knots … Passenger capacity = 550 … Crew = 290 … In Service 1999   

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for July 2022 ~ 1of2 ~ ~ Celtic Fortune ~ at Bulwark Quay, Port of Poole - June 2022  

Celtic Fortune has called at Port of Poole a number of times over recent years and is representative of the week to week trade through Poole that continues year-round. For July’s "Images of the Month” we have steered a zig-zag course … we haven’t selected one of the many cruise ships calling at busy Portland … we haven’t selected Amadea - fleetmate Deutschland featured last month and we reserve the right to return to June photographs in any autumn lull … and having selected Celtic Fortune we are featuring two of our local photographers Smiler Purdy (Port Bow view) and Kev Mitchell (Port Quarter view) with whose pictures we can show off the vessel.

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for July 2022 ~ 2of2 ~ ~ Celtic Fortune ~ at Bulwark Quay, Port of Poole - June 2022  

Celtic Fortune arrived 12th June from Belfast with a cargo of road-stone for Tarmac and following discharge & cleaning loaded Purbeck ball clay bound for Castellon - just north of Valencia. After berthing alongside the Bulwark Quay / Ballast Quay complex during her stay, she departed for Fowey on 17th June to "top-up" her cargo for Spain. 
Celtic Fortune is one of the 14 strong fleet operated by Charles M. Willie & Co. of Cardiff. The ship was build in 2006 at the Barkmeijer shipyard, Stroobos, Netherlands … the yard has been building ships for over 165 years. Key Dimensions for Celtic Fortune … Gross Tonnage = 2,999 … Length = 90m … Beam 14m … Draft = 6m … Service Speed = 10 Knots … Hold dimensions = 62.4m x 11.5m x 8.35m(height) … Grain capacity = c210,000 cu.ft. … TEU capacity = 102 hold + 48 deck.

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for August 2022 ~ 1of2 ~ ~ Asklipios ~ Weymouth Bay - June 2022  

Capital Gas’ new LNG tanker Asklipios arrived from Sabine Pass in Texas on June 15th and anchored in Weymouth Bay to take on bunkers. Paul Dallaway was on hand to capture our first picture. Later that day, with Monjasa Provider having completed her bunkering operations, Steve Belasco was out on the water resulting in our second picture. Thanks to both of our photographers. 

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for August 2022 ~ 2of2 ~ ~ Asklipios ~ Weymouth Bay - June 2022  

Asklipios is the sixth, and latest, new-build (in a planned fleet of 14) for Capital Gas Ship Management Corporation based in Piraeus, Greece. The new LNG tanker was built by Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea and has only been in service since 2021.

Key Dimensions for Asklipios … Gross Tonnage = 116,600 … Length = 300m … Beam 46m … Draft = 12m … Service Speed = 19 Knots … LNG capacity = 174,000 cubic metres.

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for September 2022 ~ 1of2 ~ ~ Atlas Wind  ~ Ballast Quay, Poole - August 2022  

Atlas Wind  arrived at Port of Poole late evening on 23rd August from Bromborough on the River Mersey and berthed on Ballast Quay to load Purbeck Clay for Castellon in Valencia which is an important quality tile producing location in Spain. The ship was built in 1997 by the Jiangzhou Union yard in Rui Chang, China undergoing five name changes in its' first ten years, but has maintained the Atlas Wind name and ownership for the past twelve. Our photographer Ray Sexton was out on the water to capture these two super images. 

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for September 2022 ~ 2of2 ~ ~ Atlas Wind  ~ Ballast Quay, Poole - August 2022  

Atlas Wind spends the majority of its working life moving dry bulk cargos around Europe. Cargo capacities are expressed in a number of ways including ... "TEU Capacity" for containers (which can include in the hold and on deck) ... "Bale Capacity" ... and "Grain Capacity" (probably the most relevant for a cargo of clay). Atlas Wind has a Grain Capacity of 7,260 cubic metres. Cargo handling is supported by two 40 tonne shipboard cranes. 

Key Dimensions for Atlas Wind  … Gross Tonnage = 4,150 … Length = 100m … Beam = 16m … Draft = 7m … Service Speed = 15 Knots … Power of 5,380 HP delivered by a single MAK-9M32 diesel engine with a variable pitch propeller

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for October 2022 ~ 1of2 ~ ~ Norwegian Prima ~ Portland Harbour - August 2022  

Norwegian Prima called at Portland ... Dorset's "prima" cruise shipping port ... on her maiden voyage and ~Ships~Dorset~ group member Andrew McAlpine captured the occasion.  Two of Andrew's super images featured here. 

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) gave the codename Project Leonardo to a class of six ships ordered from Fincantieri in 2017. The series is now referred to as Prima Class, each ship is expected to cost about $850 million and this summer the first ship of the series, Norwegian Prima, entered service. Prima's striking hull artwork designed by Italian graffiti artist Manuel Di Rita extends to the forward superstructure of the ship.

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for October 2022 ~ 2of2 ~ ~ Norwegian Prima ~ alongside at Portland - August 2022  

Thrill seekers will be in their element onboard Norwegian Prima. The Drop (port-side), classed as the industry’s first free-fall slide, is a pure adrenaline rush, and then there’s The Rush (starboard-side), duelling slides perfect for racing a companion to see who can reach the bottom first. Both involve a ten deck descent from Deck 18 to Deck 8.

Key Dimensions for Norwegian Prima … Gross Tonnage = 143,500 … Length = 294m … Beam = 41m … Draft = 8.5m … Propulsion = 2x 16.5MW Azipods … Service speed = 20.5 knots … Maximum persons onboard 5,400 … Passenger cabins = 1,646 … Crew cabins = 912.

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for November 2022 ~ 1of2 ~ ~ Amadeatransiting Poole Harbour - October 2022  

Phoenix Reisen’s Amadea made her second call at Poole this year in early October and Kev Mitchell was there to capture the occasion.  Whilst 2022 saw a record number of cruise ship calls at Portland … this year has seen few at Poole despite the relatively recent South Quay development.  Our ~Ships~Dorset~ photographers have done another fantastic job recording the vast majority of callers with hundreds of photos posted on our Facebook group, of which a number went on to “star” in our Images of the Month website feature (see Image Archive link below). Thanks to all our photographers. 

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for November 2022 ~ 2of2 ~ ~ Amadea ~ at South Quay, Port of Poole - October 2022  

Built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Nagasaki, Japan as Asuka, she entered service for Nippon Yusen Kaisha in 1991 and remained with her original owner until 2006 when she began operating for Phoenix Reisen as Amadea - soon becoming a favourite for many of the German operator's customers. Phoenix Reisen have a fleet of four ships for summer ocean cruising and current schedules show four calls at Dorset ports in summer 2023 … we look forward to welcoming them back next year. 

Key Dimensions for Amadea … Gross Tonnage = 28,856 … Length = 193m … Beam 24.7m … Draft = 6.2m … Service Speed =  21 Knots … Passenger capacity = 624 … Crew = 292 … In service with original owner 1991 … 

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for December 2022 ~ 1of2 ~ ~ Tollund ~ alongside at Poole - November 2022  

When Tollund berthed on South Quay at Port of Poole in November to discharge timber, Darryl Morrell was on hand to capture these two impressive photos of the ship. In the first image, luxury yacht Mogambo (on the quay’s northern berth opposite Tollund) and Border Force’s Searcher (on Oil Jetty) can be seen in the background. Tollund’'s Polish owners Zegluga Gdanska are an established coastal passenger cruise operator who are now venturing into deep sea shipping

~SHIPS~DORSET~ Images of the Month for December 2022 ~ 2of2 ~ ~ Tollund ~ alongside at Poole - November 2022  

Tollund was built in 1994 by Dutch shipyard Ferus Smit of Hoogezand near Groningen. She has operated as containership and general cargo ship under a few previous owners and two earlier names. With a deep sea fleet of only three vessels, the owners task Danish chartering managers Wind Shipping ApS with seeking the most lucrative cargo contracts for Tollund and their two other ocean going ships.

Key Dimensions for Tollund ... Gross Tonnage = 2,818 ... Length = 91m ... Beam = 14m ... Service Speed = 12 knots ... Hold dimensions = 63m x 10.8m x 8.34m(height) ... Grain capacity c195,000 cu.ft. ... Timber capacity c4,800 cu.m. ... registered in Gdansk, Poland.