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Using Zoom for the first time? …

Before joining a Zoom meeting on a computer or mobile device, you can download the Zoom app from the Download Center at (look under Resources in header banner). Otherwise, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click a join link. There is plenty of help on the Zoom website (look under Support in header banner) but we are all getting to grips with it – so ask around if you need some help. Your Ships Dorset host will send out an invitation that includes a link – all you have to do to join our meeting is click on the link at the appointed time.

When you join a meeting …

We suggest “Gallery View” (select from options top right corner of your Zoom screen). If you wish to speak check you are not “Mute” (Audio control bottom left) ... otherwise in a large group like ours we suggest staying on "Mute" throughout to reduce interference. 

Zoom will focus on whoever’s microphone is supplying the loudest feed … so keep your environment very quiet when another is speaking or put yourself on “Mute”. General good manners are sufficient when the group is small … in larger groups the host may require attendees to indicate when they would like to contribute to the discussion or ask a question – in which case the only one speaking should be the person selected by the host / chairperson.

If you are joining having registered with Zoom, you will have had an opportunity to select your name as viewed by others. There is no requirement to register with Zoom to join one of our meetings – it should connect if you just click the invitation link sent by your Ships Dorset  host.  If you are joining without registering, please be aware that Zoom may display the “device name” (could be something like a relative’s name or “iPad512”). This may confuse others and could even lead to the host ejecting you as an “unknown”!  

Audience members attending Speakers & Presentations … 

When the host introduces the speaker and a talk / presentation is about to begin this is your cue to change from “Gallery View” to “Speaker View” (top right) and double check you are on “Mute” (bottom left). Also bottom left of screen you will find Video controls … we suggest you turn your video off during presentations. 

Punctuality & joining late …

We’re all busy and sometimes get delayed. When we are late entering a real meeting room, we open the door quietly, mumble apologies in the general direction of the speaker and creep to the back of the room to find an empty chair. Not so easy on Zoom! If you’re joining a presentation/speaker styled event via Zoom there will often be an opening time and start time (i.e. 2.15 for 2.30 start). Please ensure you join before the speaker is due to start. If arriving late please ensure you keep silent, select “mute” and “speaker view”. Late arrivals disrupting the speaker may be turned away by the host – sorry.

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Notes for Speakers / Presenters 

SPEAKERS AT OUR DORSET VENUE … will need a Laptop with Wi-Fi connection, with a reasonable Camera, Microphone & Loudspeakers (usually all built-in). It is important that speakers know how to join our local Wi-Fi and how to control the camera, microphone and loudspeakers on their device. 

SPEAKERS PRESENTING FROM HOME … will need similar capability … however a desktop PC with an internet connection is then an option. 

PRESENTATION CONTENT … Slides / Pictures / Images for presentation can be in a variety of proprietary applications such as Powerpoint / Keynote / Image File / etc. Before presenting via Zoom it is important to reduce the number of open applications / programmes to the minimum that should just include Powerpoint (or equivalent) and the Zoom Invitation Link (that the host will send via email). Please note that what your audience will see is all that you will see … so if you are used to functions such as “speakers notes” these will not be available. It is suggested that you print senate presenters notes unless you possess wonderful powers to memorise your speakers notes. if you are an advanced Zoom user other approaches are possible.  

SHARE SCREEN … The process for showing the presentation to the audience is to use the “Share” icon midway along the Zoom Control Dock (usually across the bottom of the Zoom screen). When the host invites you to “share screen” click the Share icon which should reveal a desktop layout that includes your presentation application (PowerPoint or equivalent). Highlight your presentation and click “Share”. This should display your presentation to the entire Zoom audience.  

USING & ENDING SCREEN SHARE …  whilst presenting Zoom’s “Dock” controls may be partially hidden at the top or bottom of your screen. If you want to dictate top or bottom, this choice is available. Attached to the Zoom Dock is a “Stop Screen Share” button in Red … for use when the presenation is over and you are ready to take questions from the audience.