2.30pm, Saturday, October 9th 2021 

~ Stockholm's amazing Vintage Steamers ~ with David Trevor-Jones ~
... Still in service ... the Lake, Canal & Archipelago fleets ... a parade unparalleled in Europe ...

In watery Sweden before the development of good roads, steamers plied carrying passengers and goods both inland, across the country and out to the Stockholm Archipelago from the centre of the capital.  Somewhere between the Clyde puffers and the south coast excursion fleets in size and style, the steamers were vessels of beauty.  While we in the UK have a miserable record of maintaining our maritime heritage, in Stockholm’s clear and brackish waters the steamers have survived in remarkable numbers.  Many centenary-old examples are still in service, carrying excursion passengers rather than agricultural goods and labour.  In this talk David will survey the scene, with a look at the Lake, Canal and Archipelago fleets, some un-rebuilt coal-fired and some long-ago converted to diesel, a parade of historic vessels surely unparalleled in Europe.

David Trevor-Jones 

David is talks organiser / director at the Ocean Liner Society and a long-standing branch member, friend and speaker at WSS Dorset. David’s shipping research and photography focusses on classic liners, most recently - the Russian “Author” class.

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2.30pm, Saturday, November 13th 2021 

~ Panama Canal Panorama ~ with Neil Davidson ~
... Canal transit via the old locks … views from visitor centres at Miraflores and Agua Clara … plus ships in the Pacific anchorage ...

Images from a week-long trip to Panama in 2017 including an excursion boat trip through the Canal. A wide range of vessel types seen from tugs to tankers and container vessels to cruise ships (such as Azamara Quest and Island Princess). Plus, one or two trains for good measure … and a WWII floating crane.

Neil Davidson

Neil spent his entire working career in the port and shipping industry and has been a member of the World Ship Society for over 40 years. 

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2.30pm, Saturday, December 11th 2021 

~ Voyages & Visits from the archive ~ with Bill Mayes ~
... From a collection of over 60,000 shipping images scanned from slides – we get to see Bill’s “special selection” ...

Bill moved from prints to transparencies during 1977 and we will see images from the first decade of slides including some ship visits organised by the London Branch of the WSS and those arranged independently, Falklands activity in Southampton, and a special selection of images from 1984 featuring the first Astor, World Renaissance, the first St Helena and Royal Princess. Expect to see some ships in dry dock in Southampton and maybe a few random images.

Bill Mayes

Bill Mayes is well known as the Chairman of the Ocean Liner Society, a director of The World Ship Society and a regular contributor to Sea Lines and Ships Monthly. He has amassed a huge “back catalogue” of voyages worldwide and a wealth of knowledge specialising in cruise ships and ferries. A good and longstanding friend of WSS Dorset


2.30pm, Saturday, January 8th 2022 

In the Wake of the Intermediates ~ with Andy Skarstein ~
...Via Suez to East & South Africa … 

A voyage on Clan MacIndoe in early 1978 from London to Cape Town via Suez, Aqaba, Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique.

Andy Skarstein

Andy is an ex B&C Radio Officer from 1970-1978 with a lifelong interest in ships and shipping history.


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