The World Ship Society - Dorset Branch supported by their Branch Committee reacted to the 2020 Covid-19 restrictions imposed on branch members by setting up the website, becoming more active on social media (i.e. ~Ships~Dorset~ Group on Facebook) and launching a series of meetings via Zoom. These events have attracted increasing numbers of participants beyond branch members with the audience hearing interesting talks accompanied by impactful images from knowledgable branch members and a wider selection of presenters on a variety of ships and shipping subjects. Start-up costs were born by the branch, however with a branch membership of around 20, some of whom have no internet access, and a ~Ships~Dorset~ circulation of over 40 and rising - it became important that future funding asked this new community to contribute - and replenish branch funds spent establishing these new channels of communication. We encourage all event participants to become a ~Ships~Dorset~Supporter~ by contributing £20 each to sustain our efforts throughout 2021 for which a full programme of events is already planned. These donations will go towards maintaining a website with updates on events and resources, providing an appropriate presentation platform (such as Zoom) and as the year develops cover legitimate event costs to provide a full series of nine interesting talks on ships and shipping subjects. From spring 2021 ongoing access to events is now restricted to branch members and donors. 



We are encouraging all of our ~Ships~Dorset~ Supporters to make a donation that should allow us to provide 9 events via Zoom during 2021 (Jan-May & Sep-Dec). Suggested donation £20.

Online bank transfer preferred (contact us if you wish to use cheque & post)

Account Name: World Ship Society Dorset Branch
Account Number: 44601801
Sort Code:    09-01-52

IBAN:  GB44ABBY09015244601801 

PLEASE … include your surname in the “reference” field … its always good to know who is supporting us! 

Thank-you in advance for becoming a ~Ships~Dorset-Supporter~

If you have any queries ~ please contact WSS-Dorset Branch Secretary via