Visitors to our branch and guests are always welcome ~ in person or via Zoom. Initial invitations come with no obligation and we hope you enjoy the event. We request annual donations from ongoing participants. 

We are now able to welcome you wherever you are ~ if you are local to Dorset ~ if you are elsewhere in the UK ~ in fact, anywhere worldwide. This has been made possible by our commitment to hybrid meetings ~ our face-to-face Dorset branch meetings are shared simultaneously via Zoom. For a donation of only £20 a year we aim to provide nine events ~ all you need to do is ensure we have a record of your name & email address ~ and donate. 

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Register your details with our Branch Secretary
Please send your email to so that we have
Your name ~ your email address ~ and your intention to make a donation

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Donation details for bank transfers & payments to WSS-Dorset and ~Ships~Dorset~ 
Bank: Santander Bank
Account Name: World Ship Society Dorset Branch
Account Number: 44601801
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For international transfers you may need IBAN or SWIFT details ... use: GB44ABBY09015244601801 
Please include your surname in the “reference” field


Thank-you in advance for supporting WSS Dorset Branch & ~Ships~Dorset~  

If you have any queries ~ please contact our Branch Secretary via

The Dorset Branch of the World Ship Society is a community interest group enabling like-minded enthusiasts to meet and host speakers on ships, shipping and maritime history topics. The branch is an unincorporated not for profit club akin to an unregistered charity. Funds to cover legitimate branch running costs are raised by attracting donations from branch members and supporters, often referred to as annual subscription. To oversee the running of the branch and responsible management of club funds a committee includes a chairperson, secretary and treasurer. The branch also operates as Ships Dorset to promote our activity via social media and website.