May to September 2021

~~~  A SUMMER SPECIAL  ~~~  August 14th ~ Rule Britannia: Bygone British Ocean Liners ~ with Bill Miller

                       ... join us on Zoom to welcome world-renowned author & speaker Bill Miller ...                                                                               ... see & hear about our passenger fleet of the ‘50s & '60s … Cunard, P&O, Blue Funnel, Shaw Savill & more ...

Following Bill we will open our "new season" of events on September 11th ~ with local author & speaker ~ Kevin Patience 

But we don't need to wait until August ...

... see below ... 

Cruise ship callers ... Dorset summer '21

Before we begin ... a few words of caution ...

Ship enthusiasts, including members of ~Ships~Dorset~ and WSS Dorset Branch, do not limit their interests  to passenger ships. Indeed we encourage members and local photographers to value the variety of tankers, bulk carriers, cargo ships and ferries that visit the Port of Poole, Portland Port UK and our Dorset coastline. Having said that the events of 2020 have attracted many cruise ships to our shores, giving us unexpected sightings and many temporary residents. As 2021 unfolds there has been a sudden surge of British Isles cruises including callers we have not hosted at Dorset ports before. This page tries to provide some advance notice of the summer callers ... as at early May ... any information we could find ... our "best efforts" ... but not to be solely relied on!


Port of Poole ... 

Taken from PHC News Item ...  

Port of Poole Cruise Schedule as at 28th April 2021 … 

Golden Horizon ... (Tradewind Voyages / 272 guests)
Sun. 27th June
Mon. 2nd August
Thurs. 12th August

Deutschland ... (Phoenix Reisen / 520 guests)
Tues. 3rd. August 

Ocean Explorer ... (Vantage Cruise Line / 170 guests) 
Sun. 8th August 
Sat. 28th August

Seaventure ... (Polar Cruises / 164 guests)
Sun. 26th September


Portland Port (UK) ... 

List assembled by Steve Pink c5th May 2021 from a variety of cruise company websites. At that time Portland Port UK website link to Cruise Calendar states "Our 2021 cruise schedule will be published online as soon as there is greater clarity around when cruising will resume." 

MSC Virtuosa ... (MSC Cruises /6,334 guests)
Sat. 22nd May 08.00-18.00
Wed. 26th May 08.00-18.00
Sun. 30th May 08.00-18.00 
Fri. 4th June 08.00-18.00
Sun. 6th June 07.00-19.00
Su. 13th June 08.00-18.00
Sun. 20th June 08.00-18.00
Sun. 27th June 08.00-18.00 
Sun. 4th July 08.00-18.00
Su. 11th July 08.00-18.00 

Celebrity Silhouette ... (Celebrity Cruises / 2,886 guests)
Fri. 30th July 08.00-16.00 Tender

Fri.20th August 08.00-16.00 

Viking Venus ... (Viking Ocean Cruises / 930 guests)
Thurs. 27th May
Thurs. 3rd June 
Thurs. 10th June 
Thurs. 24th June 
Thurs. 1st July 

Marella Explorer ... (Marella Cruises / 1,924 guests)
Sun. 27th June 08.00-18.00
Wed. 30th June 08.00-18.00
Thurs. 8th July 07.00-18.00 
Thurs. 15th July 07.00-18.00 

MS Maud ... (Hurtigruten Expeditions / 532 guests)
Sat. 17th July